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Best Internet connection and Web Hosting offers considering the ISP and the destination hosting provider.

What is this?
We made hundreds of Speed Tests and using all the data we collected we generated the list below.
Are you looking for a new ISP and you're mainly interested in their real average download speed?
Or are you interested to find out the best average download speeds from different hosting providers located in USA, Europe, Australia to different Kuwaiti ISPs?
Take a few minutes and read the below table so you can find the right answers.

No. Provider name Destination Avg. speed No. tries
1 Multikabel USA - HostGator.com 1076.7 302
2 QualityNet Romania, Bucharest - softhost.ro 484.2 90
3 Emirates Telecommunications Corporation USA - HostGator.com 375.5 726
4 Kuwait Electronic and Messaging Services Company USA - HostGator.com 367.9 21
5 Mobile Telecommunications Company USA - HostGator.com 354.3 74
6 Zajil International Telecom Romania, Bucharest - softhost.ro 345.9 33
7 Gulfnet Kuwait Romania, Bucharest - softhost.ro 304.7 69
8 WATANIYA TELECOM USA - HostGator.com 276.3 35
9 Fast Telecommunications Company USA - HostGator.com 262.3 37